The First-Ever Guide That Teaches Salsa Dancers The Secrets Of Great Leading.

Learn exactly what makes her want to dance with you again and again.


Never again worry about her saying no.

She'll be the one asking you to dance.


She's standing on the edge of the dance floor, clearly waiting to be asked to dance. You swiftly forge through the soggy crowd toward her with your hand extended. She smiles and takes it.

In an empty corner of the floor, you embrace her in dance position and begin moving. You turn her. She follows. You lead her across the floor. She follows. The dance is going great. But then you see it. The look on her face. Boredom? Not sure. Annoyed?

Suddenly, she stops dancing and rips her hand out of yours, snapping something that's impossible to hear over the booming music. Before you can react, she turns and storms off the dance floor, leaving you behind to pick up the pieces of your crushed confidence.

This is a true story. It happened to me several years ago. And it was awful. But the only thing is...


I am the girl in this story.


I'm never proud of deserting my partner mid-dance. Instead, I prefer to politely suffer through lousy leads, terrible timing and innocent incompetence rather than hurt his feelings. But sometimes enough is enough!

Sometimes my leader should know what he's doing is incorrect and, quite frankly, inconsiderate. Which is why I wrote No Thumbs. The Salsa Dancer's Guide To Leading So Great She'll Ask You To Dance. So you can figure out what you're doing wrong before you step on the dance floor and some girl shatters your Salsa soul.

This guide is for Salsa On1 and Salsa On2 dancers who want to become competent - and confident - leaders on the social dance floor. If you get bored looks from your partner, hear "no" more often than you'd like or have yet to experience women flock to you for a dance... it. Immediately.


In this guide, you'll learn:


  • Five things you do that annoy her on the dance floor (page #33)
  • Why the best leaders don't just focus on turn patterns (page #8)
  • How to flirt without being creepy (page #45)
  • How to make dancing with you feel good (page #12)
  • Two ways you make her regret saying yes (page #31)
  • The one thing to never do that guarantees she will never dance with you again (page #34)
  • How to be irresistible with women (page #46)
  • What to wear (and not wear) on the dance floor (page #54)
  • How to handle a crowded dance floor like a pro (page #26)
  • The best way to improve your leading quickly (page #10)
  • How to deal with sweat (page #59)

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...and much more.

Months or years of Salsa classes doesn't necessarily make you a great leader. Neither does the number of turn patterns you know. Great leaders know how to make dancing with them feel good.

And that's what keeps her coming back for more.


In fifteen years of social dancing, teaching, performing and competing, I have learned to distinguish the subtle nuances that set great leaders apart from the rest. In this guide, you'll learn what it takes to become the leader she seeks out rather than the leader she suffers through.

Or worse, avoids.


To your dancing success,




Sheena Larsen

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What Others Are Saying:

I go out social dancing often and take Salsa classes occasionally to brush up. But until I read this book, I never realized how much followers really don't care about turn patterns. I thought that as long as I knew enough moves to get through a song then I was a decent leader. Proved wrong was I! Great information but makes me feel like a beginner all over again.

Randell C.

Great book. Breaks down the main aspects of being a good leader for salsa dancers. You could probably apply this to many other dance forms too. Would recommend to any guy who dances.

Owen G.

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